Al, Chris, and Adam's 2017 Road Trip to Las Vegas!

Adventure! Discovery! More adventure!

The Characters

High School Teacher.  Lover of food.  Has to be push-started (generally observes & takes things and evaluates things).   Never been camping.  Al & Adam met when Al worked the night shift at 24 hr Fitness down near the hospital at which Adam was working.


Registered Nurse.  In a Master’s Program.  His goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner.   Always up for being taken on an adventure.  Mischievous-he finds great entertainment in getting you into trouble.  Chris & Adam met on a ventilator floor at a hospital in Laguna Beach, CA


Now a LVN thanks to Chris and a few other ppl signing him off on his documents and hence owes Chris big-time.  Super-easy to overdose on Adam.  He’s the one who made the New Year’s Resolution to go on a road trip & hence, this whole endeavor.

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