Eldorado Canyon 



Mine Tour
The Techatticup Mine is the oldest and richest Gold Mine in Southern Nevada. It ran from 1861 until 1942. Steamboats on the Colorado River was the main way to arrive here for 40 years. This is a hard rock mine tour that takes you in to areas where you will see the quartz veins the gold and silver ran in.
This is a walking tour approximately 1/4 mile long on gravel and only one level. The tour will last approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. Inside the mine is a little breezy and cool, especially in the winter.

Our mine tours are at 9am, 12pm and 2pm when we have 4 or more adults.

Please call ahead, reservations required. 702-291-0026
$12.50 for adults (13 and older)
$7.50 for kids 5-12 (kids under 5 free)
*prices subject to change
The crossroads of Eldorado Canyon, the Colorado River & Black Canyon is one of the greatest true Wild West places of all times which consists of numerous documented facts and Historical Expeditions. Because of its remoteness in the 1800’s it will become one of the most lawless places throughout the west.

For Hundreds of years Indians, Spaniards, Early Explores such as Jedediah Smith 1826 & 1827, the Ive’s Expedition 1858 & eventually Steamboats will all be stopped here by the ruggedness of Black Canyon. It is here where two Indian Nations will battle, a Military Outpost will be established and one of Nevada’s richest Goldmines will be discovered.

“I think there never was another place where, in proportion to the population, so many murders were committed without the criminals being brought to trial or even apprehended.”
John Riggs – Eldorado Canyon Gold Miner – 1880